Strategy to Succeed 

12TH is the most important level of a student’s life

which basically determines the path you are going to follow in your career.

The CBSE board exam is the deciding point which generalizes a merit for college eligibility

hence it is a very crucial field to perform in.

No determination or hard work id going to be fruitful without correct guidance.

ADMISSION WING provides you not only with guidance and counselling

but also helpful study material that not only makes your preparation efficient and precise

but also prepares you for further competitive examinations.


Our Regular CBSE Courses

  •  Yearlong Course

Yearlong course means, lasting for entire a year. Yearlong course is specially desined for a particular class, like especially for 11th or 12th. In a yearlong course, one can avail a validity of 365 days.

  • Complete Course

Complete course comprises of almost all the topics of class 11th and 12th, with a validity of 365 days. There are specially designed for those students who are re-appearing in their respective competition exam and wanted to revise the syllabus in just 1 year.

  • CBSE crash course

Available for class 12th, these courses have especially been designed to offer you rigorous training in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. These are available with a validity of 365 days or less.

  • Topic Based Course

Topic base courses are beneficial for those students guidance on some particular topics. Every topic base course is having a validity according to the content present in it.

Features of CBSE Courses

Designed by Kota Faculties.

All CBSE Courses are Designed by top faculties of Kota is a very sophisticated configurations.
These faculties carry several years of experience and have an in-depth knowledge about the subject as well as the examination pattern.

HD Quality Lecture

All CBSE Courses are available in HD quality. The excellent quality of these lectures offer you the feel of a real classroom like environment.

Rich Study Material

ADMISSION WING provides video solution, free video lectures, study material, sample paper and past exam paper. You will also get all the useful information about past and current CBSE. This content is updated frequently.


ADMISSION WING can provide you with all the help and courses.