Career assessment helps an individual decide the right career path using the right techniques depending on a variety of personal attributes like interests, skills, preferences etc. the techniques and the right decision which ultimately impact the potential success they can achieve.

The career path you choose largely depends on the personality you develop. Career development is a life long process which affected from our life choice and decisions. And that is why each one of us is different and has a different goal in life. Your career development can be influenced by a number of factors like your interests, abilities, background, values and other circumstances.

Career choice is more than choosing a major or which job to go for. It is a lifelong process and is affected throughout your life. As situations change your career choices might also change. The goal of a career counselor is not only to help you make decisions now but also to help you understand your own skills and knowledge to make better decisions in future.

What should you expect when going for a career assessment?

  • At Admissionwing your career counselor. Education consultant or the education counselor will help you figure out who you are and what you want from your education, career and your life.
  • Help you clear your thoughts, ideas, feeling and concerns you may have for your career.
  • Help you assess your interests, abilities, and values.
  • Help you give the right resources and sources of information.
  • Help you select the next steps and develop a plan to achieve your goals.